Wednesday, September 25, 2002

WIGWAM BAM: A Liverpool concert pumping out noise that might make people feel sick? No, it's not the Farm getting back together*, but a 'silent' gig at the Metropolitan Cathedral, where they'll be playing some of the music so low down the scale as to be felt, rather than heard. There was a thing on this on Today a little bit ago, and they were saying that there's some feeling amongst scientists that this sub-noise might be what causes people to "feel" the presence of ghosts, which is interesting. And we're sure we read somewhere a few years ago that "they" (presumably the American military-Industrial complex) were trying to develop a crowd control weapon on the same basis - apparently Iraq would be able to make one of these within six months if they got access to Barry White through a third party.
"We don't want people vomiting" announces the concert organiser. So, at least nicer than a Slipknot gig, then.

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