Tuesday, September 24, 2002

YOU'VE GOT FOETUS ON YOUR PR CIRCUIT: Who knows what the truth of the Williams-Appleton baby saga is? (I can hear you murmuring 'who cares', you, at the back.) The fact that the story and various flavours of claim and counter claim shimmer and disappear from view smacks of a journalistic world treading very carefully round the law. Apparently, Williams is upset by Nicole Appleton telling all about her getting rid of the foetus they'd fertilised together. Or, depending on who else you believe, he sent her wishes and told her she was being brave. Whatever, it makes your head go varoom - we've seen before rockstars fannying about using babies for publicity, but this has got to be an all-time low: we're with Christopher Reeve on the use of stem cells in research; but abortions for PR? Can we just not?

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