Thursday, October 03, 2002

FREEVIEW LINE-UP: So, the BBC/BSkyB replacement for ITV Digital has finally announced what its contents are going to be, and the most interesting aspects from No Rock's corner are the new Radio & TV music services. On TV, the single EMAP station and single MTV station (The Hits and Music Factory respectively) smacks a little of a compromise; intrestingly, neither are currently on Sky Digital, presumably to work around the "no subscription" clause; on radio, Smash Hits and Kerrang are both being brand extended to full national radio services for the first time - I think its probably clear what they'll both be doing.
So, some sort of service, but very much a second-class one, with nothing especially exciting.
(Away from music, the fudgetogether of the UK TV family into F tn looks like a nightmare; while N24, Sky, ITV News (ne ITN News) and CNN might seem to be slightly over newsing the pie - still, nobody will be upset with everyone getting a slice, will they? Apart from the viewers, of course).
The line-up in full [BBC] - what more Blue Peter spin offs can we come up with?

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