Friday, October 04, 2002

Music of totally straight origins

Of course, most of the UK press couldn't find space amongst the 'Danni Behr has to spend a couple of minutes waiting for mob to disperse' stories to cover the nasty scenes outside the Mobo awards themselves (The Guardian being one of the few to note the disturbances.)

Now, we personally think that Tatchell is a pain in the arse - invading a Cathedral Service on that religion's holiest day isn't a political statement, it's senseless bullying - but this time, you can't really argue with his theory that homophobic tunes are making some of the listeners of that music think that it's okay to queer-bash, and we don't really think that the MOBO organisers shrugging and saying "well, we don't pick the records that win" is anything like good enough.

I know moral equivalence is the last refuge of the writer with a deadline, but if Skrewdriver did well at next year's Brit Awards, would we happily sit by and say "well, the industry voted that way, so what could they do?" For Tatchell - a man who's been punched by the best of them - to say it was the most scared he's ever been is quite something; how can the MOBOs want to celebrate and laud queerbashing?

Regardless, Peter, you're probably overstating it a bit to claim on the Outrage site that the awards were marred by anti-gay violence.
Interesting to read the report from the Jamaica Observer, which is headline "Jamaican artistes heckled by gay rights group" - a little bit 'postman wedges arse in dog's mouth', that - but then goes on to examine the reasons for the protests in a bit more depth - which is more than you'd expect The Sun to do.

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