Friday, October 04, 2002

The grown Jewels

Poor Jewel is having trouble deciding whether to support the preposterously named MUSIC (Music United for a Strong Internet Copyright - what is that? The M in MUSIC stands for MUSIC? Eh? And what exactly would a strong Internet Copyright be, then? Because if its a law to stop people from producing an internet of their own, and passing it off as their own work, we'd be happy to support that), reports Yahoo. She can see the pros, and she can see the cons, even without looking up from her Rhyming dictionary where she's currently seeking out a word to go with heart.
She says:

"There's no doubt that wholesale music theft is having an impact on the bottom line of the music industry. "It's a huge impact. A really, really, big impact."

Um, actually, Jewel, there's an awful lot of doubt, and the piracy that actually hurts is the flogging of dodgy CDs, nothing to do with the Internet at all. But no matter.
"In the long run it hurts you if you're trying to make money selling records. I haven't been able to make money selling records. I've had to tour more, which means I haven't been able to do another record."

Blimey - so, you're saying that everytime someone downloads one of your tremulous heartfelt Morrisette-lite tunes, it makes the release date of a new album from you receede another ten minutes into the future? Quick, people - to Morpheous! If everyone reading this downloads just three tracks each, we can prevent her from releasing anything this side of 2015...

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