Monday, October 07, 2002

It's not just music fans

Hey, we can stand and point at the prices in Virgin all we like, but our wails are probably going to be drowned out by Computer Gamers over in the corner, if Fairplay - Campaign for cheaper videogames are to be believed.

Although strictly speaking, of course, video games have no business being in a record store in the first place - as the old Charlatans manager observed, if there was logic to selling Tomb Raider next to Will Young, in the 70's record shops would have been flogging Monopoly sets as well. But we wonder if the BPI are hoping the campaign takes off - while it might throw a harsh light on the cost of CDs as a knock-on, the mark-up on games Cartridges is so much higher that it makes the record companies look like Santa in comparison; and if the price of games comes down it might free up enough cash in the bumbags of Britain's youth to get them buying records again. A crazy idea, but...

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