Thursday, November 21, 2002


Shame, shame, shame on the BBC News Online team for trying to imply there's some sort of Popstars curse. Indeed, you might wonder why "someone who didn't make the last fifty of TV talent show slightly injured in car crash" is considered a news story at all, but when you see stuff like this:

"The accident involving Andrew Coleman, who failed to reach the top 50 in the TV show, comes after two other Popstars hopefuls died in separate accidents"

you have to shudder at the stupidity of it all. As the page's own caption observes - thousands and thousands of people auditioned for the show.

So that a couple died shortly afterwards is a statistical probability rather than signs of greater forces at work. Now, if Coleman's car had been rear-ended by Louis Walsh taking a bootfull of Westlife singles to landfill, then we'd have a news story on our hands.

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