Friday, November 22, 2002

They're kidding, right? They've got to be kidding?

The rumours that the nme had advertised the news editor's job without telling the current incumbent was one thing, but hiring one of the Daily Star's bitches (their column title, not an observation on how they work for Richard Desmond, the most hands-up proprietor since Robert Maxwell cheered us all up by tripping) surely has to be a satirical statement, doesn't it?

Of course, it's not, is it? It seems to us to be an indication that IPC is more interested in the online and text versions of the title - which have a higher tittle-tattle-to-rock-news ratio than the magazine itself, but even so it's a pretty grim day. She wrote for the Daily Express, dammit. How rock and roll.

Still, at least it's not Emma Jones.

[EDIT: I never actually mentioned her name: Mel Myers]

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