Friday, December 06, 2002

Be kind to her, she has to suck his cock, remember

We don't have any special beef with the concept of Lindy Carr ("peter stringfellow's girlfriend") releasing a record. After all, it's a democracy, isn't it? There's nothing to stop anyone putting a single out, and, let's face it, if the other option is letting hyper-tanned pensionable lothario Stringfellow insert his doubtless equally leathery member between your thighs, spending a couple of hours knocking out a pointless dance number must seem quite attractive.

And while we'd suggest that the fact Stringers has had to create his own record label to get the thing released and is holding the launch party as his own club suggests that it might hint that the quality isn't quite good, why shouldn't she get a bit of support from her boyfriend? She's the one who has to know the horror of knowing his face at the point of orgasm, something about which are free to remain blissfully ignorant, save for the images which stir our nightmares. But how on earth can a single which won't actually come out until January 13th already be lined up to appear on an album of Dance Anthems? Surely that's for clubbers to decide, isn't it?

Just how open can a relationship be?

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