Monday, December 09, 2002

Every kind of people (providing they're sexy or 'compelling')

We hate to make it look as if we're obsessed with Christina Aguilera, but we've been passed what we're assured is a genuine document that was the casting call for the Beautiful day video - the horror in full is here [UPDATE: and now below], but the highlights include the demand for an actor with braces (must have own braces), a gay couple and a girl with anorexia.

We're guessing the idea is to show that all sorts of people are beautiful inside. However, 'cause it's an Aguilera video, they're not taking any chances and are insisting that they're beautiful outside, too.

UPDATE: Here's the text in full:


Christina Aguilera music video ''Beautiful''
Director: Jonas Akerlund
Interview Date(s): Tuesday-TOMORROW (11/5) and through the week !!!!
Shoot Date(s): Friday and Saturday 11/8 & 11/9 (MOST ACTORS WORK ONE DAY ONLY)
Shoot Location: LA
xxx xxxxx

This song is a ballad..the scenes that accompany Christina's performance footage will all be beautiful vignettes....all different types of COMPELLING people, in many different situations, going from feeling their own personal sadness to realizing that they, and their life, are truly "Beautiful".....These roles ALL require excellent actors.
Actors will be asked to lip synch a little bit of the song at their audition....some actors will also be asked to cry on cue. Please have them come prepared. Christina's album is already in the stores it's called "Stripped"."
Jonas Akerlund is the multi-award winning director of
Madonna's "Ray of Light" and U2 "Beautiful Day" videos and the FEATURE FILM "SPUN" ....and the list goes on!
Teenage Girl with Braces: ALL ETHNICITIES - TEENS.....She is beautiful, compelling and interesting, MUST BE A STRONG
Mom of Teen Girl: All ethnicities- 33-45...She is beautiful, compelling and interesting...must be a strong actor!! $350 +
20%/12 hour DAY
Anorexic Girl/Woman: All ethnicities 16-35.....Must be extraordinarily skinny.....must look anorexic....must be a strong actor!!! $350 + 20%/12 hour DAY
Mexican Man: 42-55....he is expressive and compelling...must be a strong actor. $350 + 20%/12 hour DAY
Hip-Edgy-Sexy STRAIGHT Couple: 18-27, male and female
ALL ETHNICITIES...don't have to be a real couple...DO HAVE
TO BE hip, edgy, sexy, beautiful, and completely comfortable passionately kissing a person of the opposite sex in the video.
Must be a strong actor!!! $350 + 20%/12 hour day
Hip-Edgy-Sexy GAY MALE Couple: 18-30, ALL
ETHNICITIES....don't have to be a real couple...DO HAVE TO
BE hip, edgy, sexy, beautiful, and completely comfortable passionately kissing a person of the SAME sex in the video.
Must be a strong actor!!! $350 + 20%/12 hour day
30-something GUY: (30's) ALL ETHNICITIES He is very handsome, hip and cool. The guy who loves to go out and have a great time on a Saturday night....but, parties a little too hard. Must be a strong actor! $350 + 20%/12 hour day
Older Woman: 50-85. She is beautiful with an incredibly interesting face. She has seen many years and many things...extremely expressive and excellent actor here is mandatory!! $350 + 20%/12 hour day
Thin Teenage Boy: 13-18...He is slightly awkward but still really adorable and kind of cool in his own way...he works out, ''pumps iron'' trying to build his physique..must be a strong actor!! $350 + 20%/12 hour day
Street-Hooker: 27-40...All ethnicities...She has fallen on hard times (duh, she's a hooker).....once very beautiful, her looks have become somewhat worn and faded....$350 + 20%/12 hour day
White Trash Shop Clerk: 40-55, Caucasian... FEMALE...not a
charicture, not comedy...think ''Gummo'' or ''Bully'' at a truck stop.....from the ''armpit'' of Florida so to speak...$350 + 20%/12 hour day
White Trash Dad: 40-55, Caucasian, not a charicature, not comedy...must be a strong actor....from the ''armpit'' part of
Florida so to speak. $350 + 20%/12 hour day
Hip-Hop Guys: 18-25, Male, All ethnicities....They are
urban,young, hip, with total hip hop style...must be strong actors.... $350 + 20%/12 hour day
Punk Rocker: Male or Female, early 20's.....Hard core....spiked hair or something equally Punk fakers no fauxhawks....want the ''real deal''....good actor hugely helpful!
$350 + 20%/12 hour day
Lesbian Women: 40's, all ethnicities....should appear instantly ''feminist''...I know not all feminists are Lesbian, TRULY I DO...but do you get what we're going for here? Thanks! Strong actors a must!!$350 + 20%/12 hour day
Christina Aguilera ''Stand-in'': 18-29....Looking for a very close visual match... will get her exact measurements ASAP...but, check out one of the thousands of photos of her on line if you don't know what she looks like...she's very petite!!! $200 +
20%/per 12 hour day

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