Thursday, December 05, 2002

How humiliated would you be for ten million?

Remember the cop who waved his willy at George Michael, causing the shock revelation that George was actually not straight? Remember how the poor little dear was afraid that he'd had the piss taken out of him by George afterwards?

Well, the winky-waver is back - he's been given leave to sue George for ten million USD because of "humiliation, emotional and physical distress and", um, medical treatment.

The cop's name is Marcelo Rodriguez.

Now, we would never have bothered to mention how he hung around in men's toilets for a living if he wasn't pursuing this stupid and greedy action. Indeed, his part in the slightly pathetic pursuit of gay men would have been forgotten if he didn't keep standing up in court saying "I waggled my winkle at the Whamster and ever since people have pointed at me and laughed." Maybe he should consider suing himself for turning himself into an international figure of fun.

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