Thursday, December 05, 2002

Let's hope Posh's publicist doesn't object to this one

The Guardian's rather nifty Northerner mailout includes the following, about names people give their cows:

"According to an NFU study of what farmers, including Cumbrians, call their cattle, sports, pop and film stars' names are becoming popular," reports the Mail. The study was based on a phone poll of 200 farmers (not all of them Cumbrians). Some said they liked old names such as Daisy and Marigold but trendier sons of the soil are now opting for Camilla, Kylie and Posh."

Now, of course, there's nothing new here - The Archers have had a cow called Baby Spice, after Emma Bunton, for ages. But you've just got imagine the joy Victoria Beckham must feel when she discovers that her musical career has inspired others. Dairy farmers, admittedly, but - hey - at least its someone...

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