Tuesday, December 10, 2002

A moment of clarity

I'm glad I didn't have to wait for Nancy Banks-Smith to point it out to me this time (when she said the Sally-Kevin-Decorator love triangle on Coronation Street was a homage Brief Encounter, I shot myself and sent a corsage to my wife for my having been so dense as to not realise - "I've got something in my eye", of course - very, very nice work from Corrie there).

I was coming into work this morning thinking about that Electric Six single, and the video - because it all felt so familiar. And then it struck me why - it's exactly the sort of thing that used to crop up on the Max Headroom show (nb to American readers; I'm talking about the Saturday night UK show where Max acted as a VJ rather than the peculiar US action series with the same character).

While not being directly derivative of the likes of Belouis Some or Propaganda, the whole feel of Danger High Voltage matches - sexualised in a slightly odd and kinky way - more the scent of sex rather than a Holly Vallance tits-out assault; and a sound that makes use of electrification rather than electronics.
It's a wonderful tune, mind.

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