Friday, December 06, 2002

Oh, and while we're at it

This is what Multibabel makes of the top ten compilation albums:
1. thats of the hour, that one I call dispendio 53 of music (Now... 53)
2. country II of randello (Clubland II)
3. album better Guitar that world air two (Best Air Guitar Album In the World 2)
4. The ministry of healthful directory 2003 (MoS Annual 2003)
5. During my guitar, you walk easily (While my Guitar Gently Weeps)
6. the thing more better possible of chechmate of that Darey - of Euphoria (Very best of Euphoria - Matt Darey)
7. Legend of the country (Country Legends)
8. Enormous Effect 2003 (Huge Hits 2003)
9. Years of fifty of the greater effect select (Fifty years of the greatest hit singles)
10. Main legend of years' 60 of gold (capital gold sixties legends)

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