Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Aguilera: No, please like me

I wonder if anyone mentioned to Christina that playing G-A-Y isn't a mark of approval from the left field audience, it's merely a staging post on the long, twisting path from Famous Person to Camp Icon. And, we should stress, we're using camp here in its proper sense here, of "tragically unaware of their own tragedy." After all, the coming attractions at the night include such extinguished luminaries as Appleton and Lisa Stansfield.

We've been mulling for a while, by the way, just how Christina has been able to get away with calling herself Xtina for so long without anyone waving for a foul. After all, using "X" for "Christ" is long established practice in Latin - hence, of course, Xmas - but is Ms Aguilera really comparing herself to Christ? Really?

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