Friday, January 31, 2003

Blues in C

No Rock has always had a lot of time for Mel C - or The Only One That Could Sing Spice. We like her cause she tried to talk about things other than "my new clothing line"/ "my footballer boyfriend"/ "my me me", and cheerfully admitted that she didn't really know very much about, say, homelessness so was only talking about her impressions.

We didn't like it that she got it so much in the neck for 'If That Were Me', where she tried to imagine the unimaginable; if Geri had decided to have dealt with homelessness, she'd have been prancing about under Waterloo Bridge in a bra top and hotpants spouting half-confused statistics, wouldn't she?

Anyway, Mel has told Marie Claire about being depressed - not, you'll note, written two volumes of autobiography about it. And we love her even more.

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