Thursday, January 16, 2003

Poll time

The Spin Readers Poll results are in - or is it out? Anyway, here's the juice:

Best Band: The Strokes;
Worst Band: Creed;
Best New Band: The White Stripes;
Best Solo Artist: Beck;
Worst Solo Artist: Britney Spears;
Best Live Act: Weezer;
Best Song: "Fell in Love With a Girl," the White Stripes;
Worst Song: "Complicated," Avril Lavigne;
Worst-Dressed Lifetime Achievement Award: Christina Aguilera;
Best Dressed: Gwen Stefani;
Best Hip-Hop Jam: "Hot in Herre,"
Nelly; Coolest New Trend: Garage Rock.

Jesus. Garage rock the "coolest new trend?" - what next - skiffle? But then, what else would you expect from a magazine which has the category "best hip-hop jam" in its poll anyway? Generally, the readers seem to have better taste than you could hope for - especially taking the opportunity to call Creed for the useless tykes that they are. But they better leave off Britney, mmmkay?

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