Monday, February 10, 2003

At long last: The shortest corporate suicide note in history

For some reason, Liverpool City Council thought their City of Culture bid needed a song. At a time when mersey-sided music is actually enjoying a rare spot of credibility, you would have thought that any number of well-placed acts could have been called upon to come up with something. Or maybe pulled in the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra to create something distinguished. No. Instead, we get this:

Got the go, got the get,
Got the will, got the want,
Got the skill, got the scope,
Got the range, got the reach,
Got the life, got the love,
Got the urge, got the edge!

Yes. I can see them all singing that for years to come, can't you? Sounds like an advert for Haven Holiday Centres crossed with the corporate theme for Wernham and Hogg.

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