Monday, February 10, 2003

They wouldn't have toyed with us, would they?

There was so much frothing over the midweek positioning of Songbird - an Oasis song, apparently - being in the number one slot, we find ourselves wondering just how that could have happened.

After all, even by the standards of late-period (oh, and let us pray we're in late period) Oasis, Songbird is a bit strained, and the chances of it outselling both the saucy lolita lipstick lesbipop of Tatu and the Completely Straight Timberlake must always have been a bit slim.

Surely - in the week that Radio One was relaunching its chart show - there wasn't jiggery and/or pokery behind the scenes with the midweeks to make a chart that was not merely cut and dried but totally jerkey'ed up seem more interesting? Surely not?

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