Sunday, February 16, 2003

Black where it all began

We know that Tony Blackburn's return to Radio 1 is just for Comic Relief (or "the day of laughter" as it shall forever be known), but the BBC do tend to use the excuse of doing it for charity as a way to slide in pilot ideas.

Now, we know that Sara Cox is planning to step down from the Breakfast Show, and Blackburn proved himself to be popular on "I'm a celebrity...", so the kids know him from telly... you do the math.

Seriously, Blackburn's going to co-host with Moyles. In his time at Radio 1, Tony used to share airtime with a tape of a barking dog called Arnold. To fill gaps in the show, Tone would play the "woof, woof" noise.

Who knew he'd find a more irritating sidekick with even less to say?

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