Saturday, February 22, 2003

We name the spam bands

It's been a while since we've had a spate of dimwitted spam, but the work of Lil A Gets Folky can't go unmentioned. We awoke this morning to about seventeen messages from Lil A, each one identical, each one posted to an inappropriate group, and each one suggesting we support "Independant (sic) artists." It's not so much the mispselling, but the suggestion that simply because you're not signed to a major label you deserve support - "Well, obviously, the music is shite, but they've not signed to Virgin, so..." The artists worthy of respect and support are the good ones.

Meanwhile, we were deeply disappointed to discover that The Datsuns (or the Datsun's people) seem to think they need a 'street team'. Surely if Dolf sitting looking like a suck-me monkey on Buzzcocks doesn't work, then no amount of confused young people spamming mailboxes worldwide will? Their first act to is to get each member to sign up another twenty members - so it's like pyramid selling indie rock, then... Shabby and uncalled for.

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