Thursday, March 20, 2003

BONO TAKES A STAND: Mr. Bono makes speech praising George Bush a few hours before his ole' chum starts bombing people. Irish Abroad reports "Bono shied away from mentioning President Bush’s U.S. address announcing the Iraq war, which was broadcast only two hours before. “Instead I’m going to talk about what I know about,” he said, before appealing to the U.S. to launch a war on poverty after the war on terrorism has ended. So, not unlike our own dear Claire Short, then, in adopting the 'if I pretend the dropping of ordinance isn't happening, I can be first on the block to rebuild the nation' self-justification. But lets focus on what Bono claims to know about, and his praise for Bush's part in the war on HIV - yes, Bush did send more funds to AIDS related work overseas, but let'as not forget that his administration blocked attempts to make HIV-fighting drugs cheaper by lifting the patents on them for the developing world, and, by forcing overseas workers to choose between Federal Funding and supporting abortion, managed to scupper a lot of safer sex education work being done on the ground. I think that really deserves our admiration and applause, doesn't it, Mr. Bono?

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