Thursday, March 20, 2003

FRIT-WATCH: A semi-regular column of celebs running away from 'war' - further contributions welcome to
Obviously, Kelly Osbourne pulled out of the Brat Awards almost before Saddam had risen to power in Iraq. Now, we add Tenacious D, who've lifted their skirts and run away screaming lest the fighting in the Middle East spills over to affect their current tour of, erm, Scandanavia. Meanwhile, Blindside have also disappointed literally two or three fans by cancelling their plane tickets to Europe and descending into a hut made from plastic and gaffer tape for the duration of hostilities. We're no fans of US smart technology, but if they do somehow dismantle the Glasgow Cathouse, Blindside will be pleased they risked ridicule by pulling their tour. Otherwise, yeah, they're just going to be ridiculed.

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