Tuesday, June 24, 2003

NOT A FULL STOP; MORE A COLON: We've been sat for a couple of weeks on the following, which is the wording of the announcement Johnnie Walker made on Radio 2 when he told listeners that if he wasn't around from time to time, it's because he's having cancer treatment and not becuase they're about to parachute Simon Bates into his slot:

""Before I go there is something I want to mention. It is something that normally a person in my position would want to keep close to their chest but, because of the occasional time off I might be taking, I wanted to go public with it.
Five weeks ago I was diagnosed with cancer, non-Hodgkin's lymphomas, which is apparently a very treatable type of cancer. "I am kicking off the treatment tomorrow and will be taking a week off and will see how it goes.
To all those who are facing that challenge - and those who love people and are part of a family facing that challenge - it's a toughy isn't it? I know how you feel."

And, fond as we are of Stuart Maconie, who'll be keeping the Shania Twain spinning while Walker's away, we want to send JW our best wishes. Remember: This man gave Chris Morris his first job, and we all owe him a debt.

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