Tuesday, June 24, 2003

SHAKIRA. JUST HEAR HER: Alan Connor has this to say on Shakira, the spokeshead for Reebok:

Shakira seems to have retained her talent for gibberish, but the poetic license which made it charming must have expired:
"My music crosses cultural boundaries to reach today's youth around the world," says Shakira. "Reebok understands what young people around the world are all about. By joining their team, I am able to fuse my style and music with Reebok's products and marketing to further connect with this global audience."

We're still scratching our heads to work out exactly how one fuses ones music with some plimsoles.

Alan also asks why, exactly, she's not wearing the things in this delightful animated gif:

We suspect the reason would be that, since the picture suggests she's not holding up a shoe, that it's easier to stick a picture of a shoe on top of a body than to try and draw them on underneath those clothes.

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