Monday, June 30, 2003

THEY RETURN FROM SOMERSET, IN THEIR ONES AND TWOS: Naturally heading for a good hot shower first, No Rock regular Gareth Jones offered us this chunk of review as a teaser for his fuller thoughts, which are to follow:

briefly: best glasto i've been to (97, 98, 99 and last year),  weather managed to be alright. a bit too hot for the fair-skinned likes of myself, as my neck and right arm testify. it was even 'roomier' than last year; there must have been more blaggers than ticket holders before 'the fence' came in last year. very quiet on the whole. highlight was probably the flips; and  they could've been even better, but what can you do when you've got a huge main stage crowd, bathed in sunshine, and half of them can't even be bothered to sing along to happy birthday, let alone she don't use jelly. and wayne always sounds 'strained' live.

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