Tuesday, July 01, 2003

CROW CROWING STICKS IN CRAW: We've had this email from Neil Comfort:

I just had to pick up on this - I find much of your rantings fabulous reading, but this stuck in my craw;
"Grammy-winner Sheryl Crow said, "Music fans cannot expect their favorite musicians to continue to produce quality albums if they are not willing to pay. People, including musicians, expect to be rewarded for a job well done. It's all about supply and demand. If there is not demand, there will eventually be no supply."

Is Sheryl saying that if the record is done badly, then we shouldn't have to pay?"
Well... no, she isn't. She says that if they're not willing to pay, then they shouldn't expect quality albums - which logically implies that if they expect quality albums, then they should expect to pay. What you suggest is completely different, ie. if they pay then they should expect quality albums - but I'm afraid your argument is not substantiated by her comments.
Sorry, but as you normally pay stringent attention to detail, I thought it only beneficial to point out when you're plain wrong.
Which we probably have to agree with. We'd been aiming more at the 'expect to be rewarded for a job well done' part but... yeah, set against the first sentence we're probably being unfair. But, hey, we did like Stay In The Sun, if that helps any?

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