Tuesday, July 08, 2003

SO, THAT'S FIVE THEN: In the middle of a piece about the companies who've formed to offer a 'thwart the downloaders' service, there's this: "One California company, NukePirates, wouldn't disclose its location (it uses a P.O. box) or size. "Right now, we're kind of an unknown," said Chuck Gurley, managing partner for the company, which tries to locate and close software piracy sites. "They don't know if I've got a staff of five or 50, which comes to be an advantage at times."
Now, we can think of absolutely no reason why a well-resourced operation designed to fear, intimdate and make people give up a course of action would choose to hide just how many people it has to deploy, apart from them not having that many. We could be wrong, but it sounds to us like its going to be closer to five than fifty.

But what really puzzles us is who'd actually pay for their services - yeah, we know it should be obvious, but it seems to us that if we ran a record company, and EMI or somebody was paying someone to try and bugger up the download networks, I wouldn't be rushing to pay someone else to do the exact same thing.

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