Wednesday, August 13, 2003

AH. THAT MIGHT MAKE THINGS STICKY: The Best Buy chain is being sued by indie labels in the States under anti-trust rules. Now, we've always quite liked BB when we've been in the US, mainly because of their ridiculously low prices on Buffy DVD boxsets, but its those low, low prices which is causing the consternation now - "The lawsuit says Best Buy is "able to extract from the major record companies an additional 10% discount vis-a-vis other purchasers" and receives advertising and other allowances not generally granted to other merchants. According to the complaint, these favorable prices, terms and conditions allow Best Buy to sell new albums as loss leaders, diverting massive amounts of business away from its competitors." BestBuy might reflect, ruefully, that pissing off the indie labels isn't a particuarly great way to tempt them to join their online downloads service.

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