Wednesday, August 13, 2003

LET ME BLOW YOUR MIND... OR, WHATEVER: We're a little puzzled by the extent Eve is going to try and squash the 'fake' picture of her doing lesbian sex strip shows. She's happy to talk about having worked as a stripper, she seems pretty relaxed at the knowledge that there are pictures of her naked swirling about, and yet with this one, she's taking legal action against this specific shot. Maybe it's the muff stuff that's causing her hackles to rise (though we hope not), but surely saying 'it isn't me' should suffice? We do like the "proof" offered, though: "Eve's representatives told New York's Daily News, "It's not a picture of her. She is upset that there's a false photo of her going around. The woman in the picture does not have Eve's two paw-print tattoos. She's had those forever." Forever?

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