Tuesday, August 19, 2003

ANOTHER LAST CHANCE: Amazingly, Scott Weiland has managed to avoid being sent to jail for the latest in a long line of drug-related screw ups. This time, he was in a car that was oozing heroin and coke from its every gasket but Scott has been given probation on the understanding that he goes to Alcoholics Anonymous - which some might think an oddly lenient punishment considering that he's been in this position before, was given a similar sentence; he failed to go to counselling and wound up inside. Still, everyone (famous) deserves another chance, don't they?

Meanwhile, Scott will continue to work on Velvet Revolver, his new project which we pray is better than the 'do you see? we have taken something harsh like a gun, and something soft like velvet, and put them together in an apparently contradiction' excuse for a name. It's that 'supergroup' with the ones from Guns N Roses who aren't in Guns N Roses anymore and one of Suicidal Tendencies. They're not playing live because, according to a spokesperson, if they did, the shows would be recorded and on the internet within hours. Which sounds like "we're not playing live because we sound a bit crappy at the moment and we don't want people to know that" to us.

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