Tuesday, August 19, 2003

READY THE RIMSHOT, MOTHER: Bearing in mind those rumours about Shania Twain's pins, when Billboard report on her new tour thus: "The initial list consists of 18 shows, with the tour's first leg expected to play about 40 dates", you just know they're silently mouthing "... before she fetches the other one from home for the next dozen..."

Apparently, and genuinely, this Shania Twain tour is going to be done in the round, with her on stage in the middle of the audience. The official line is that this allows her to perform to people all over the venue; we suspect it's because she can no longer decide if her face is cuter than her butt so wants to cover the odds. The serious problem with playing in the round is that while with a stage performance it can be a better experience for all the people in the theatre, with a live band it just means a lot of the times the person you've paid to see is the wrong side of the drummer.

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