Friday, August 15, 2003

IN SOMEONE ELSE'S HOUSE: We're neither phased nor upset that The Cure are on the point of another flurry of re-releasings, but what does concern us a little is that Robert Smith and the boys are working with Ross Robinson, who has had a hand in the terrors that are Korn and Limp Bizkit. Okay, it's not on a par with the Liz Phair/Avril Lavigne Freaky Friday thing, but even so... it's like they don't care that the introduction of Nu-Metal has almost killed off the native Glum Goth which provided The Cure with much of their natural support. Nowadays, if you walk round the bits of grim, northern industrial cities where you once would see large hordes - and hordes would be the word - of unpopular-at-school kids dressed in black, the words "Sisters of Mercy" diligently biroed onto an "army surplus" bag*, their habit has been taken over by people with skateboards they can't actually ride and tshirts with teddy bears** and the legend "She's got issues" on them. The Cure working with Robinson is akin to Prince Charles doing a commercial for Monsanto.

* - I've never quite worked out quite why those bags turned up in Army Surplus places - what sort of army would have ordered any small, cloth bags which fall apart as soon as an A4 ringbinder with 'The Crow' logo doodled on it is slipped inside?

** - Yes, I know what it's meant to be, but it looks like our friend Sara's old, well-loved teddy bear to us.

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