Friday, August 15, 2003

ROCKS - WELL, NOT ACTUALLY ROCKS - OUR BOX: Ennio Morricone and Johnny Cash are both getting the box-set treatment. Ennio - the most mis-spelled man in music (Moricone? Morriconne? Morrycone? Moriconi? Morriconi, Morryconnie... sorry, we were getting carried away, like that time Noel Edmond's Lucky Numbers encouraged people to send in ways of spelling scissors wrongly...) - Ennio's box is called io, and features four discs, including Film Music. This is a kind of greatest hits package that's also going to be released as a stand alone, with stuff from movies like Lolita and Once Upon A Time In The West. The other CDs comprise Piano, Chamber and Symphony music.

Cash, meanwhile, gets a five-disc collection of stuff from his work with Rick Rubin. This material is meant to have been "lost" (we're reading 'judged to be too uncommercial to get a proper release and lost in the label's write-off for the year'). Some of the stuff sounds priceless, though: Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer doing Redemption Song and Fiona Apple duetting with him on Father And Son. The set is titled Unearthed.

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