Friday, August 15, 2003

REDEMPTION DONG DING-DONG: Something of a palaver down in Jamaica over a statue named for, and quoting from, Redemption Song, on account of the size of the penis hovering a couple of inches above the quote from Bob Marley's song. It turns out Kingston could quite easily be twinned with Tunbridge Wells, judging by the letters of complaint that have been flooding into the local papers tut-tutting over the statue and the amount of nudity involved. Interestingly, it seems all the outrage is centred on the male figure's male member, and nobody seems to mind too much about the odd-shaped and magically gravity defying enormous breasts. We're guessing that before the day is out an enterprising spammer will have filched the photo to illustrate just what an enormous penis you can get using their pills...

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