Friday, August 15, 2003

STING GIVEN LARGE SUMS MORE CASH: Now, we would normally be pissed off at Sting getting a big stack of cash for doing nothing - in this case muttering some inanities about overpriced speakers, but what we figure is that every dollar Gordon makes from doing adverts is a dollar he doesn't need to release a record to make. Indeed, we might even start sending him a few quid every month to stop him making any records ever again. It's cash well spent.

Interestingly, the FT decided to run a quote about the speakers from Mr. Sting: "Sting said: "Listening to music on SLS speakers at home is like listening to the actual live recording sessions." Which may or may not be true - we're not quite clear how the speakers could manage to separate a song up into separate instrumental tracks, which it then would play in order, constantly stopping and booming in voice-over "Nah, Mark, can you do that again, yer effects pedal is squealing, mate" before starting again, yelling 'Fuck this, the first one was perfect' and then stomping off to the pub. But even if it is true, why would we take Mr. Sting's word for it in the middle of an article telling us how well he's being rewarded for going round saying how great the things are?

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