Friday, August 15, 2003

I ENJOY BEING A SLAG: Oh, but bless Christina Aguilera, as she's not very bright, is she? In an interview with a German magazine, Aguilera says "Call me a slag, if being a slag means being a strong woman. I'll gladly be that." No, love, it doesn't mean being a strong woman, it means being a slag. Now, you might want to argue that it's unfair, you might want to attack the assumption that a woman who chooses to dress sexually has to be a slag, but choosing to say the word means something it clearly doesn't isn't a response. 'Hey, you're shit' 'If being shit means that I am wonderful and loved by millions, I'll gladly be that.' 'No, it means people think you're shit.'

Christina continued : "What is so wrong with a 22-year-old woman showing her sexuality? I'm not making myself into an object." Clearly she hasn't seen what her new fans are making of her, then. And, as we've said before, if it's her sexuality, how come she looks less bunny girl than bunny wabbit? She doesn't look desperate for sex, she looks desperate to please, like a country being forced into an arms race it can't afford. (Compare the evolution of Britney if you don't agree).

""Madonna is a tough businesswoman and Marilyn Monroe had all sorts of insults thrown at her, but she simply carried on - just like Madonna. I have to be as strong as both of them put together" says Christina. Yes, Marilyn Monroe simply carried on and took all the insults on the chin. If she'd not been strong, she might have ended up a sad, nervous wreck-casualty who ended up taking her own life at a stupidly young age due to the pressures put on her by the studios. And Madonna is not a tough businesswoman. She's a shit businesswoman who, when left to her own devices, makes calamitous decisions like the American Pie video and 'Swept Away' and most of the signings to Maverick. The other essential difference, Christina, is that Marilyn simply was sexy, she never needed to defend what she was doing by trying to claim flashing her tits was some form of empowerment - the iconic image of her is of her being stood on an air vent, holding her skirt down. The iconic image of you is probably the maxim photoshoot where you look like you've spent the last three nights begging for bong, with your hands over your tits. One is sexy, without being sexual, relying on the aura of the subject to allow the mind to wander - nothing is shown, it's all suggested. The other is sexual, without being sexy. Showing your sexuality, and selling your sexuality are two separate things; indeed, flashing your tits is still another.

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