Friday, August 15, 2003

ALWAYS THE LAST TO KNOW: Mutya has stated that Sugababes aren't splitting up.

"I should know whether we're splitting up or not. That's like a load of rubbish, to tell you the truth" she told Radio One.

Well, yes. You'd have to be some sort of fool not to realise the band you're a member of was splitting up, wouldn't you? I mean, imagine if you were in a band on a tour of Japan, and one member got up saying they were going for a toilet and never came back and you didn't have the first idea that the band was over? That'd make you seem so detached from reality it'd be impossible, wouldn't it? So, if Mutya says that the band hasn't split up, then Heidi isn't ringing round agencies in London and starts her role in panto next Christmas solo careers without distinction followed. [Editor's note - sorry, the autocorrect seemed to kick in there.]

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