Sunday, September 14, 2003

THE PROOF: BEING A THIN-SKINNED WANKSTEIN IS A HEREDITERY CONDITION: Did you know Phil Collins had a son, Simon Collins, who also has a music career? No, neither did we, so it's kind of ironic that Collins Jr is taking legal action against a Canadian TV show which suggests that his music career is more than a little reliant on his Dad's name. Simon is worried that his "pretty big fan base" in, erm, Germany might feel in some way bad if they somehow saw the programme (perhaps they'd all gone to Canada for the day?) saying such things about him. He then goes on at length to point out that he worked hard on his music and so on and so forth. He could also point out that being the son of man who is universally despised by all right-thinking people for being a sanctimonious and humourless git would hardly be the sort of connection that is going to open doors and make people like you, but chooses not to, for some reason.

Julian Lennon was unavailable for comment.

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