Sunday, September 14, 2003

WH HAVE NOT SEEN THE WORST WHILE WE CAN STILL SAY 'VOTE FOR THE WORST': Channel Four are doing another one of those 'big polls of one hundred things' polls, and this time it's the 100 worst hit records. (Don't be thrown by the fact the title of the page is '100 Greatest TV treats' or the URL places it in the 'greatest' folder. We're, as ever, torn between admiration for anyone who wades into this sort of custard-sea, and worried about exactly what criteria are being used to determine the list of records we've been given to choose from. There's a world of difference in the way 'Candle in the Wind '97' is bad to the way, say, Hoddle and Waddle's music career was. And some of the tracks on the shortlist aren't even all that bad - why Child by mark owne, or c'est la vie? Or, come to that, Christina Aguilera's dirrty which - while not to our taste - does what it sets out to do and delighted all manner of forty year old men with subscriptions to The Box? Couldn't they just be a little more honest and call it 'the Most Hated' songs - then, at least, we'd all know what we were looking for.

Oh, and Channel Four: Wannabe is untouchable, okay?

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