Wednesday, September 17, 2003

YES, WE LIKE HER TOO, BUT...: We're a little worrried that Ananova's obsession with Rachel Stevens is starting to verge on the stalkery. Ever since her new haircut, the news site has been finding slim excuses to carry pictures of her without much on. First, they had this:


which was a report on, erm, Rachel having her photo taken. Then, a couple of days ago, there was the news that she was going to be the official breasts ("face") of knicker makers Pretty Polly; reason (barely) enough for this photo:


Of course, it's not every day that Rachel is going to be getting a job modelling underwear. So, today Ananova have had to fall back on the news that a poster advertising her new album has been put onto a billboard. There's some attempt to suggest this is proper news by claiming that it's "driving motorists to distraction", although there doesn't seem to be anything in the story to back up this claim. Never mind, because it gives Ananova a chance to carry the same picture not once:


but cropped and in close-up, a second time:


We'd love to be at an ananova news planning meeting - "so, in what way is 'Rachel Stevens wears bikini' actually a news story, then?"

We're not sure if they realise this isn't her:


Interestingly, talking about the big poster, Ms Stevens says that she's never seen herself in a large poster before. Like the rest of the country, she must have overlooked the promotional campaign for S Club: Seeing Double, then.

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