Monday, November 10, 2003

WOT - NO BANANAS?*: The worrying thing is, Chad Kroeger isn't being wry: "The stage is going to be even bigger than last time. The flames we had last time? Instead of going 40 feet, they'll now go 60 feet in the air. And if you're looking for meat and potatoes, we'll be serving up mountain-sized plates of meat-and-potatoes rock 'n' roll." No word on how the sourcing of the model stonehenge is going.

What's a little more interesting is the hairy one was stopped from making a single with santana by his record label - it turns out that he hadn't realised when he took a large pile of money from Roadrunner that he'd actually signed over himself to the label. Roadrunner were worried that if he worked with Carlos, he'd 'ruin his rock credibility' (like Disneyland losing its gritty realism, surely?). But now we're not sure - since his visual rights are no longer his (i.e. he can't stand in front of a camera without the approval of Roadrunner) is he allowed to cut his hair without their say-so?

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