Monday, December 29, 2003

THE CBS EYE SEES THE TRUTH: After a quiet Christmas, then, Jackson trots out onto the telly to put his side of the story, claiming police brutality and showing off what appeared to be a mark from a chinese burn. Now, it is possible that once they'd allowed him to choose the time of his own return from Los Angeles, let him charter his own flight, met him at the airport but merely to provide an escort to the station to protect him from the media, and walked alongside him into the cop shop, that maybe the cops suddenly realised he was meant to be a black guy and knee-jerkingly attacked him, but it doesn't seem that likely to us. Jackson suggests that the police dislocated his shoulder for him - and maybe they did, but since the rest of his interview pronouncements had clearly been prescripted by a PR team based in the outer-suburbs of the capital city of La-La Land, it'd be hard to give very much credence to his claims. Didn't he have a lawyer with him? Like, at all times?

The sad thing is that he's acting (and we think that's the precise word) as if he hasn't really understood that these problems could be avoided totally if he just accepted that grown men known to have spent fourteen million buying off a child-fiddling case and other people's children should not be mixing in bedrooms. The decision to tell Sixty Minutes that he'll carry on with the totally innocent sleepovers isn't going to look good in court, but to a man whose defence is that there's nothing fishy about it all at all, it may have been that his people saw this as the only line he could take.

What really made the media purr was the claim that he'd rather cut his own wrists than abuse a child - although, obviously it'd be better for Fox News Channel if he could keep himself away from the knife drawer until after the trial.

Some words of support though - David Blaine popped up on television during Christmas saying that he was sure Jacko wasn't the sort to rape small boys "on the basis of a long train journey I took with him." The Neverland Team are presumably hoping for jury of twelve people who've taken the Caledonian Sleeper with Michael at some point.

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