Monday, December 29, 2003

HE HAS A WAY WITH THE WORDS, DOES MR. WEILAND: Scott Weiland has sent an open letter to all Rolling Stone's gossip columnists:

To All Rolling Stone Gossip Columnists | 12/26/2003
First of all let me say that Rolling Stone magazine's gossip columns exist only so rich college boys can wipe their fucking asses with the rag. As for the lad that interviewed me and then printed that I was drunk driving... get your facts straight you moron paparazzi fuck.

Yeah, dammit - he was out of his cake on designer drugs and injecting liquid oxygen into his eyeball, you moron. Or something. You'll note that Scott doesn't actually take the opportunity to give us any facts about his mysterious odd-driving incident. And he seems not to realise that the paparazzi are photographers. Wonder if he spent much of Boxing Day trying to find out how to delete messages from the website?

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