Thursday, March 11, 2004

BABYMAKER: Congratulations and cigars all round to Sinead O'Connor, who's just given birth to her third child A nice big family - so, something you can agree with the Pope about, there. The baby boy, Shane, will share a birthday with his sister Roisin, who was eight on the same day. And presumably would have rather have had a pony.

Also fretting over the terry or disposable question will be Anthony Costa from Blue, whose ex-fiancee Lucy Bolster gave birth to a baby Emily. The child took forty-eight hours to be born, presumably waiting until she was sure the daily Mirror weren't waiting outside the exit with cameras.

In other Blue/Mewling child news, Lee from Blue has pleaded guilty to criminal damage and not guilty to assault. The charges relate to an incident outside a nightclub last December. He's due back in court in May.

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