Thursday, March 11, 2004

K'S CHOICE: So, K emails us with this puzzle:

So the Go-Betweens are playing the Barbican on June 27th and I can get a ticket now... Morrissey is curating Meltdown from June 11-27... Do I wait and see who's headlining on the last night, or do I just try and find out which one Chris Martin's going to and do the opposite?!

Now, we'd normally say Go Betweens, no question. But with the rumours that Mozzer is lining up Elton John to do a tribute to Jobraith (according to this week's Popbitch), and assuming that would be the final night - it's got to be a close run thing. Our advice, for what it's worth, is buy a Go Betweens ticket, which will almost certainly have a resale value anyway. Trade up to a Mozzer pass if you decide it's worth it. Mind you, we're no Alvin Hall... anyone got any other advice?

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