Sunday, March 21, 2004

DROPPING THE HEAT: Still touring, but not partying. As much. The Reverend Horton Heat has managed to survive into the twenty-first century by stepping off the partying. He's that rare thing in the music industry: someone who seems to care more about actually playing the music and doesn't want to give the fans a bum steer by rolling up hungover and clumsy. (Maybe they should send Puddle of Mudd down to have a chat with him.) He's playing because he loves it, and he plays because it's what his heroes did (Willie Nelson, Ray Price, BB King) and he's happy enough with his status - "we're just little podunk fish in the tank. We're not even a band or a fish - kind of an algae in the tank." He sounds really happy. Perhaps Robbie 'boo-hoo' Williams might want to think about that.

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