Sunday, March 21, 2004

HUNDRED REASONS WHY: Hundred Reason's lead singer is quite confident for a rocker named Colin, isn't he? The band have just got back from New York where they've recorded a new album, and have returned keen to make it clear they haven't been tainted by that art rock that you get in the water round there:

I heard that Scissor Sisters track recently and it just sounded like an even shittier Bee-Gees. All these fashion-led groups make me sick. Bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are just dull as dishwater. They're all selling albums because they're supposed to be cool but no-one's listening to the music - probably coz it's so bloody dull. I think people were expecting us to sound like Interpol after recording in America, but I can tell you for certain that ain't gonna happen."

Ah, Colin, you might be convinced of that but we're still certain if you went to New York a couple more times, you might start to become good enough that people might mistake you for Interpol.

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