Wednesday, March 03, 2004

AN EVENING WITH MR. MORRISSEY: "Some of you have iPods; I have Meltdown" explains Morrissey as it's announced that he's going to curate this year's Meltdown festival. Yes, very nice, but it's hardly as practical, is it, lugging the whole of the South Bank Centre with you when you want to go out for a stroll round LA. Plus we've heard that the battery life is rubbish.

It's all part of the reintegration of Mozzer into ordinary life - there's this, there's a new album; he's rumoured to be mulling an offer for I'm A Celebrity IV* - and the mention of iPods suggests that he's even been brought up to date on some of the developments in the modern world. Just watch his little face light up when someone shows him the A Taste of Honey DVD.

* - no, of course he isn't. As far as we know.

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