Wednesday, March 03, 2004

THIS IS OUR ART: Annie Lennox and Sting have been 'explaining' their oscar-nominated tracks, in case you're a thicky-thicky two trousers who can't quite work out something as complex as The Fucking Theme From The Fucking Lord of the Fucking Rings. Lennox, who was given an award once reserved to mark some level of cinematic achievement but now, apparently, ladled out in response to the sheer weight of popcorn consumed by audiences at a particular film, talked about the ever-precious process:

"Everybody was exhausted when I first came in because it was just before the edit, and Peter had this horrendous job to cut four hours of footage down to three, and I had the privilege of watching that."

Jesus, you mean Comic Book Guy actually left some stuff out of the bloody thing? How on earth could he bring himself to do something as awful as edit his project down? (Oh, hang about, if all the stuff was wedged into the cinematic release, what would they have had for the Bloated-To-Buggery DVD Special Edition release?)

Of course, if we were Sting we'd be gnashing our teeth that the best thing we've done since, ooh, Synchronicity lost out to Lennox's vapid warble.

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